Turbidostat Module
Precise Phototrophic Cultivation of Algae and Cyanobacteria

Turbidostatic Module controls the biomass concentration (turbidity) via OD 680 or OD 720 in each vessel independently. The OD can be maintained at a constant level or within a preset range depending on the experimental aim.

Key Features

  • Special silicon stoppers with an additional port for medium fed in.
  • The flow rate of the peristaltic pump feeding in the medium runs between 0.2 – 50 ml/min and is adjustable for each test vessel independently. Just one medium reservoir for all cultivation vessels can be used.
  • Culture volume is kept constant by a passive medium overflow.

  • The module includes its own aeration pump that is more powerful compared to the standard air pump and thus can provide sufficient power to aerate the entire system properly.
  • The Photobioreactor Control Software must be ordered to operate the Turbidostatic module.

Turbidostat Module TS 1100

The Turbidostat module TS 1100 enables continuous-flow cultivation in the Multi-Cultivator MC 1000. In the basic setup, the Multi-Cultivator’s optical sensing unit monitors the optical density in each culture vessel and the Turbidostat module adds fresh medium to maintain a preset turbidity (OD) level independently in the individual vessels. The fresh medium is delivered by a peristaltic pump to each vessel at a different controlled flow rate through 8 independent pinch valves.

The turbidity of each culture vessel, and therefore biomass concentration of the organism, is controlled either through OD680 or OD720 measurement. The OD can be set to a constant level or set to change over a specific range. Number of various turbidostatic cycles are available and can be specified for a particular experiment. The peristaltic pump flow rate runs between 0.2 – 50 mL/min.

The pumping speed can be set for each culture vessel independently. Moreover, the new Turbidostat module TS 1100 accommodates its own Air pump to guarantee a sufficient air supply and mixing of the biomass in all test vessels.


Turbidostat Module TS 1100

Version Characteristics Price
Turbidostat Module TS-1100 Turbidostat Module is equipped with 8 valves and thus can serve all 8 testing tubes with independent control to each tube. Turbidostat is fully software controlled. 3,880 €
Spare Part Kit The Kit includes: 25M Silicone tube 2/5, 3M TYGON 3350 1.6/3.2mm, 6PCS NORPRENE A-60-F 4/6mm, 8PCS Silicone plug with medium inlet, 2PCS Silicone ring 27x 42x 2mm, 1 PC Minisart filter, 1PC Metal lid with ports, 18PCS Luer connector FTLL210-J1A, 4PCS Luer connector FTLL240-J1A, 16PCS Luer connector MTLL210-J1A, 4PCS Luer connector MTLL240-J1A, 14PCS Tee tube fitting T220-J1A, 20PCS Aeration glass tubing (230mm), 1PC Screw cap GL45. 315 €