Precise Phototrophic Cultivation of Algae and Cyanobacteria

PSI Photobioreactors provide fully-controlled cultivations of phototrophic organisms as algae, cyanobacteria and plant cells. Also other microorganisms, for example heterotrophic bacteria and yeast grown in suspension may enjoy these types of cultivators.

The product lines were designed in order to meet wide range of special users’ needs:

  • The Multi-Cultivator facilitates performing of different screening experiments through 8 independent testing vessels. The special design of the instrument allows to run fast comparison studies of various organisms, mutants or cultivation conditions.
  • The results from screening tests can be refined in the Photobioreactors FMT 150 offered in different sizes from 400 ml up to 3 L. The Photobioreactors FMT 150 are characterized by a flat cultivation vessel for uniform and homogenous irradiation and a precise control of the experiment through various sensors and regulators.
  • Finally, the large-scale Photobioreactors (25 L or 120 L) may serve for an industrial or semi-industrial production of biomass.

All Photobioreactors including the accessories can be controlled by the Photobioreactor control software that provides intuitive and dynamic interface for remote online visualization of recorded data in real-time.